Refund Policy Domain Name Purchase Refund Policy


In this document, Nudio LLC is referred to as “Nudio”.


Except as noted below, the price paid to for the purchase and/or rent of a Domain Name owned by will not be refunded. Under certain circumstances as stated below, refunds are permitted. On those occasions, refund requests may be submitted by email to [email protected], by phone to the number listed on the website, or by physical mail. Where possible, refunds will be made by a credit issued to the same financial institution on whose account the payment was made, or by a company check sent by US Postal Service mail, in the case of payments by check. In cases where those methods are impossible or unsatisfactory, refunds will be made by the most expeditious means, as determined by the facts of each incident. Nudio does not and cannot accept responsibility for the method or time of processing by financial institutions after refunds are granted. In all cases of refund, the domain will be removed from the customer`s domain management account and returned to ownership by Nudio.


Aftermarket Domain Name Purchase Refund Policy

Domain Names offered by Nudio are defined as Aftermarket Domain Names. Aftermarket Domain Names are sold on a no-return basis.


3rd Party Product Refund Policy

Nudio does not provide refunds for any product or service purchased from third parties. Nudio may from time to time advertise and promote various third party products and services, including but not limited to web hosting, merchant accounts, SSL certificates, and similar products. Refunds for these services are handled by the third party provider from whom they were purchased.


Inventory Deficit Refund Policy

On rare occasions, Nudio`s system may misidentify domains as being in inventory when they are not. Also, Nudio may offer for sale domains which Nudio is in an auction to acquire, in the expectation that Nudio will successfully acquire them. In the rare case that a customer buys a domain that is later determined not to be in Nudio`s inventory, Nudio reserves the right to either refund the customer`s money or to acquire the domain on the customer`s behalf, at Nudio`s sole discretion.


In cases where Nudio is unable to supply a domain that a customer has intended to purchase, the customer agrees that the customer`s sole and complete remedy shall be a refund of fees paid. The customer agrees that the customer shall not rely on the potential availability of any Offering, including, but not limited to, the purchase of a domain name, for any purpose, unless and until such name is actually registered to the customer.


Error Refund Policy

Nudio makes every attempt to carry out its work flawlessly, including both human and machine processes. Such attempts notwithstanding, it cannot be ruled out that errors may occur on occasion, despite all efforts to avoid them. In the case of errors by Us, You agree that Your sole remedy shall be a full refund of fees actually paid by you to Nudio for the specific, individual transaction during the execution or processing of which such an error occurred. You agree to forever forebear from any and all attempts to recover any money, property, or intangible rights or value from Us as a result of any errors we may make, other than the full refund of fees actually paid by you to Nudio for the specific, individual transaction during the execution or processing of which such an error occurred.



Inquiries to Nudio shall be made either by email, sent by first class mail to the physical address provided on the Nudio Web site, or sent by first class mail to Nudio`s address at:

Nudio, LLC
Customer Support
13405 SW 128 Street, Suite 205B
Miami, FL 33186, USA

Tel: (305) 261-5713
Email: support (at)